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Hard Water Problems

Hard Water Problems – San Antonio, Boerne, & Beyond

San Antonio area hard water can really take a toll on your everyday life.

Hard water can destroy your water based appliances. Over time you’ll notice the white build up in your dishwasher, especially if you use the heat sanitation setting which evaporates the water. A thick white film will build up over time. This not only happens to your dishwasher it also builds up on your electric water heater heating elements and on the heat plate of a gas water heater. The calcium baked on these elements will cause you to use more energy, thus increasing your energy costs.

All of your water based appliances are affected over time as is your plumbing. You’ll have calcium build up within your pipes restricting water flow thus increasing the chances of buildup of undesirable particulates. Another common complaint of hard water is the diminished water capacity flowing out of shower heads. The internal workings of your plumbing fixtures area also affected. There is hope.

A high quality water softener, like the Hague WaterMax or Hydroclean HC3 can solve the vast majority of these problems, not to mention provide you with cleaner drinking water. You’ll use less soap and your elbows will be less sore from not having to scrub so hard to clean shower doors and plumbing fixtures. After installing a water softener you’ll immediately notice how soap actually has a slick feeling between your fingers and you’ll use lower amounts of soap products throughout the day.

The minerals built up within your pipes will also diminish over time. You may however want to replace the heating elements in your electric water heater or have the heating plate cleaned in a gas water heater. You’ll drink water that is healthier for you and odd tastes will be eliminated. If you combine your water softener with a reverse osmosis unit (RO) you’ll have even higher quality drinking water with the elimination of dissolved chemicals such as flouride found in municipal drinking water, not to mention less odors, odd tastes, and other undesirables.
A water softener can truly affect your life. We’re here to help you decide on the best choice for your situation. If you have any comments or wish to inquire about a water softener please sign up for a FREE water test or give us a call in San Antonio at (210) 342-2290 or in the Boerne area at (830) 816-2290.