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At Aquaman Water Conditioning, we always stress the importance of clean water. One of the main reasons being because of how directly correlated drinking water is with our health. Considering roughly 70% of our bodies are made up of water it makes sense that water is imperative for our survival. But how exactly does water affect you? What all does it do? In fact, water does a lot for us to ensure our bodies are working properly.

Clean Water: Health Benefits

Water is a key component in regulating your body temperature. When we are being active or the external environment is hot, we tend to sweat. Made up of predominantly water, sweating helps us remain cool and excrete toxins. This means that staying hydrated and drinking ample amounts of water are necessary to replenish your water supply and prevent dehydration.

While water helps our body excrete waste through perspiration (sweating), it also aids in digestive processes. Water helps our kidneys filter out waste through urination. Sufficient water intake helps improve bladder health and helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, which can greatly slow you down. Water also helps your digestive system create a healthy stool, which prevents constipation and helps with bowel movements.

Other benefits of water include clear skin, increased energy, and increases cognitive function. For skin, adequate water intake helps cleanse your skin cells of toxins, fight dryness, and can boost collagen production. In terms of energy, water can activate your metabolism, prevent fatigue, and positively affect your mood.

Man Drinking Clean Water

Some other ways water helps your body is by cleansing your skin cells of toxins, which helps fight dryness and can boost collagen production to create clear, more radiant skin. As well as, boost your energy level and improve your mood by activating and improving your metabolic rate to prevent fatigue and increase alertness. The list goes on!

Water consumption is clearly important, but the water you consume is just as important. Drinking clean water is imperative to ensure all the above benefits are achieved. At Hague water, we make sure that the water you are putting in your body is the safest, most clean water you are able to get your hands on. A large portion of your water is water, so why not only drink the best? For more information on our comprehensive water system, give us a call at (830) 816-2290, or (210) 342-2290.