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-Who knew that a bet would lead to the birth of Aqua-man Water Conditioning. Kelly Parks, the owner was playing tennis with a neighbor and bet him that he could do his job. Kelly started working in the water softener industry in and around San Antonio, the Hill Country and pretty much all of South Texas the very next day. He competed with his friend and colleague canvassing streets and scheduling appointments. He turned out to be pretty good at determining what systems would work bets and worked throughout the late 80s in the water softener industry.

The entrepreneurial bug soon hit Kelly and he opened his first company “The Water Works and grew it over the next several years at a steady pace. Kelly researched everything about water treatment and conditioning, he learned quite a bit about rural water treatment and city water treatment from experts in the fields, books and classes. In over three decades of experience helping customers Aqua-man Water Conditioning and Kelly have become a household name from Austin and Blanco, to Carrizo and Medina down south to Laredo and Pelasanton. Aquaman was founded by Kelly and his wife Lisa in 1995. They have never looked back and have worked diligently over the years to provide the right solutions for the problem at hand. 

Aqua-man Water Conditioning helps customers all over south Texas. Kelly and his team have extensive experience in both commercial and residential water treatment solutions. It does not matter if the customer is down a country road in a rural area or in the city of San Antonio, there’s a solution to getting the best quality bathing and drinking water. Aqua-man sells, services, and installs whole house treatment systems, RO Units, Commerical Filtration Unites and much much more. It’s easy to book and appointment or call (210) 342-2290.