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San Antonio Water Softener Client Testimonials

August 4, 2018

We have used Aquaman for the past nine years for all our softener, pool and spa needs. Recently, we’ve had them come out to repair our water softener. They are very professional and will work to make everything work to your satisfaction. I highly recommend them. The office staff is always friendly and happy to serve the customer. We get our spa and pool water tested there and purchase all our Bioguard chemicals there for the pool and spa.

Joseph C.

July 23, 2018

Once again, AquaMan to the rescue! I called around 9am and they diagnosed our issues and had them completely fixed before I got home that same day. Kelly and his team are simply the best at what they do. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Don’t put yourself through the hassles that come with other water companies, call the Best first and you will not be disappointed.

Steve Driskill

July 23, 2018

Once again, AquaMan to the rescue! I called around 9am and they diagnosed our issues and had them completely fixed before I got home that same day. Kelly and his team are simply the best at what they do. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Don’t put yourself through the hassles that come with other water companies, call the Best first and you will not be disappointed.

Steve Driskill

June 23, 2018

It’s been about a month that I had Aquaman install a combo water softener and storage tank. I could not be more pleased with the quality of my water. No pressure sale and a great follow up meeting to make sure I am not having any issues. I wish I had been introduced to this company 10 years ago. Because 10 years ago, I was oversold a product that did not deliver. Let this review save you from making the same mistake. Call these guys if you are wanting to improve the quality of your household water.

Steve Villareal

June 7, 2018

Brad from Aqua man came and explained how to use the water softener and they were extremely honest about what we needed and what things could wait, My husband and I felt we could trust them they had integrity and have excellent products. The servicemen were knowledgeable and we felt we were in very good hands. Highly recommend them to anyone

Mimi Monaco

May 10, 2018

I would like to thank Moses for repairing our water softener with professionalism and courtesy. I could not be home at the time and my dear wife is apprehensive about having someone in our home that she doesn’t know. Moses immediately put her at ease with his quiet professionalism as he repaired the unit while keeping her updated on what he was doing. I know that good repairs are not cheap repairs but I was surprised at how little it cost, and how well this twelve year old unit is working now… way to go Aqua Man-Moses!!

J. Benson

April 22, 2018

Aquaman came out to repair an older system and after looking at repair costs for an old system, we went with a new system. The pricing was good and they came out and installed a new system in a couple of hours. The installers were quick, friendly and neat. Could not be more satisfied with everything.

Andrew Golden

April 8, 2018

Jordan came to explain the complicated plumbing and valves prior to our conversion to a rain catchment system. He was excellent in his knowledge of our specific system and helped me label all the pipes and valves for the rainwater guys. Great service as usual! Thanks. Raymond Hancock

R. Hancock

March 18, 2018

Purchased a water softener from them. Been working great for 5 months and no complaints. Happy to recommend.

Austin Smith

March 12, 2018

I just finished my orientation with Brad from Aquaman. My water softener system experience from start to finish was exactly what i was looking for. Brad made sure to explain each system clearly for me. The installation was amazingly efficient and professional. Customer service with handshake. It’s the way all companies should be and Aquaman is at the top.

Russell Morrison

March 1, 2018

AQUA-MAN installed a new water care system in my home today and I was extremely pleased. The owner of the company takes a hands on approach and makes sure that you get the correct product. The crew was extremely prompt, clean, and professional. I recommend this company.

Lareasa Philpot

February 21, 2018

Purchased our Hague system in October. Love what it has done for our water. Installation could not have been easier. Sales Rep Brad was easy to work with. No issue coming back to make sure we understood our system. Was kind enough to leave us a sample package of Pure Soaps.. Very knowledgeable! We feel confident in our system and in Aqua-Man.

Chris Graham

February 6, 2018

The installation was fast and neat. My water room looked better than before they started. We had very bad water and we are happy with the setup so for.

James Roach

January 26, 2018

Aquaman did and amazing job! The technician, Robert, came out to see why we had some resin in the discharge water. Well, we had been switching from potassium to Salt pellets off and on.(in addition to forgetting to add pellets here and there) He advised us to stick to one or the other. The amount of resin wasn’t significant and it wasn’t coming out in the house, so we were good. He took time to test the water, give me some estimates and he even added a couple of bags of salt to the tank for me. He went above and beyond to make sure my questions were answered and that I had all the information necessary to make an informed decision for the future. Thank You Aquaman!

Maggie Ivins

January 22, 2018

I was very pleased with there service, helpfulness and the quality product I am using to filter my water!

John Moore

January 8, 2018

Very responsive, prompt, and helpful. Good people.

Andy Taylor

January 5, 2017

Moved to Texas about 15 months ago, have been satisfied with service and water softener and RO systems that were already in place in our home this far.

Vicki Hartmann

December 19, 2017

I have been using Aqua-Man Water conditioning for over 30 years and have been very pleased with their service, products and pricing. I purchased my latest water softener from them and it works just beautifully. I recently had to replace my reverse osmosis system and they were able to save me money by installing a reconditioned unit and it works great. I would recommend them to anyone interested in water conditioning equipment.

Mark Lamar

December 10, 2017

Great service. Their technician replaced everything we needed and they continue to call and check up on you. That’s good customer service.

Jim C.

November 30, 2017

We moved to the country 3 years ago and now use only well water. We were recommended Aqua-Man from a guest house where we used to stay prior to building our new home. Since we installed the Aqua-Man filtration in our home, we have not been sorry!! Our water is perfect and my appliances continue to look brand new! Our only job is replacing the rock pellet salt periodically, the rest is automatic! Once a year they return to replace the filter and ensure the system is still performing as it should. Great folks, good service, and we love it!

Laura Greenwood

November 15, 2017

Aqua-Man was excellent. They came out the same day we asked for service on an 10+ year old Kenmore softener that just quit allowing water to pass through. They were able to bypass the old unit so our home could function. They were then able to return the next day and install our new unit. Aqua-Man was timely, professional, and courteous. Thank you so much!

David Gomillion

October 25, 2017

Great service. Great system. This is our second Aquamax system that we purchased. When we lived in Boerne we had one installed. Now that We live in Cibolo had a system installed and love it.My wife couldn’t be happier. The water really is soft an taste great. Kelly and his staff will take care of you. Thanks Again.

Mark Armstrong

October 7, 2017

Our water softener was constantly in the drain mode 24 hours a day. We found aqua man through GE and called them. The technician who responded was honest and knew his trade, he did not try to sell us a new unit as many companies do on a regular basis. He took the valve apart and could not find a reason but thought there may have been a particle of something pretty small messing up the works. He was apparently correct because it is working fine still. I would call them back in a minute.

William Bedford

March 14, 2017

Just had the guys at Aquaman install a complete new water filtration system at my home. I am more than pleased. Our water has had silt issues for years and we even had another local company that promised to fix it permanently once I bought their system, but to no avail. Kelly diagnosed the issue and took all of the worry out of it for me. It was all installed in a day and we now have clean, pure water again. Great job! I will recommend this company to everyone I possibly can. Beware the “cheap fix”; you just have to pay more in the long run trying to save a dollar today.

Steve Driskill

March 10, 2017

The Aqua-Man service technician did a great job servicing my water softener. He cleared the drain line and reset all settings. Very customer focused and professional.

Jack Dodd

February 19, 2017

I found Aqua-Man staff to be knowledgeable, prompt and courteous.

Ken Morris

November 1, 2016

Your technician did a great job and was so pleasant and knowledgeable!his name is Moses and after 3 other tries by other people, he knew what was wrong immediately! i appreciate your good service!!

Betty Cooper

October 8, 2016

Aquaman sold us a water softener and installed it. Very professional job. Quick painless install.They unbolted the old unit out and took it with them so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of it. The men they send to do the work were proficient and skilled at their trade. The unit they installed has been working flawlessly.

Definitely recommend these guys. They know what they are doing!

Marius Perron

September 27, 2016

They did a great job on the installing my water softener and reverse osmosis system . The tech’s were great guys and did a great job. Cleaned up after they were finished. I’m more than satisfied.

They explained to me my hard water issues and what could be done to extend the life on my plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Angie’s List User

September 15, 2016

I just had to write to let you know how impressed I was with your service! Last week I purchased a Polaris, which your technician also installed. I cannot remember his name, but he was very punctual, polite and obviously knew what he was doing.

Then, to top it off, I received an envelope with the owner’s manual and warranty information. Unlike most companies, you did not just stick it in the mail. You filled out the warranty registry and rebate cards for me, and let me know that I would be receiving a check from Polaris because you had returned my old pool cleaner. I was just grateful that your technician was willing to take it off my hands!

I have always patronized your business because of your great sales staff, and because you generously contribute to our community (my girls swim for the Boerne Barracudas). Now I have another reason to be glad that I am a Aqua-Man customer!

Angie Lemmons

September 9, 2016

Very professional job. Quick painless install. The men they send to do the work were proficient and skilled at their trade.

The unit they installed has been working flawlessly. They unbolted the old unit out and took it with them so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of it.

Angie’s List User

August 8, 2016

Dear Kelly,

I’ve been meaning to write you for awhile, but please know that our appreciation doesn’t diminish with time! We are so grateful that you made room in Robert’s schedule so that he could fix our problem. As you know, our water softener is not a luxury… it is a necessity at our place. We were so relieved to get it fixed the Monday after it went out on Saturday.

Thank you also for maintaining strong business ethics. We recommend you and your business every chance we get. We wish you a flourishing business in the future!


July 23, 2016

Aquaman installed a Hague softener in 2001 and it has Never missed a beat. They service and check everything including changing the RO filters every year. The owner knows how to treat customers and water!

Lloyd Voigt

May 23, 2016

Had Aqua-Man come out to look at my water softener because it was not working properly. Was very impressed they were on time and very professional quickly diagnosing the problem.

One thing that was very important to me was that they were licensed through the state; this made me feel comfortable doing business with them. They gave me a recommendation for repair and replacement, not pushy in any way, stressing that either would solve the problem making my water soft again yeah!

I went with the repair option and they were able to get back out with the required part to make the repairs in a reasonable time frame. Great company and great experience if you have to use someone I would not call anyone else.

Amy Hix

April 14, 2016

Contacted a representative for the company for a quote for a whole house water softner with filter system. Salesman was courteous, on time, knowledge of product and services and very professional. He explained how the system worked, what we should expect from the system and provided several options. Once installation was scheduled the installers were prompt, professional and installed the system in a timely manner leaving no mess for us to clean up. After installation was completed, the installer gave specific instructions regarding the systems and its functions. Follow up from the home office was also provider within a week after installation. All in all it was a very positive experience working with Aqua-Man and would definitely recommend them.

Angie’s List User

April 6, 2016

It went very well – much better than I expected. The serviceman was punctual, clean, clean-cut, and personable. He was very business-like.

He hooked up the system to the RO (reverse osmosis) water, then pressured the system up to check for leaks (there were none). He explained that there would be a minimal pressure drop on the Hot side of the faucet due to a smaller hose entering the hot water tank. Lastly, he showed the temperature setting and how to increase or decrease the temperature. He had selected a lower temperature to ensure that no one would be inadvertently burned by unexpectedly hot water. We really appreciated that attention to detail.

He did a terrific job of explaining what he did and took time to answer all of my questions. He fielded all of my wife’s questions and seemed very interested in making sure that she was comfortable with the product. Lastly, he said that he was just a phone call away if there were any questions or problems. He even cleaned up prior to leaving.So far, everything has been perfect. We get instant hot water for our tea and it is convenient and delicious!

Angie’s List User

March 30, 2016

Good service, good product. I am very happy and have referred others as well.

Angie’s List User

November 20, 2015

Aqua-man Water Conditioning co. replaced our old iron water filter system with an new water iron removal and chlorination system. About 2 weeks ago we called Aqua-man out to check on an issue and discover the problem was being cause by our previously installed water well water storage system. They made some minor adjustments to the system. I told them I would call the original installer, but the original installer told me it was not a big deal and would come out an check it out when they were in the area. Of course no one came out. As the problem got worse and reached an almost emergency level we called Aqua-man to come out and see if they could help. With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us and everyone else calling with their own issues, Kelly form Aqua-man rearranged their schedule and they were out here the next day. They have always responded in a timely and professions manner, even though we are approximately a 2 hr drive for them. It took them several hours to repair the problem to our old system and our water is better and clearer then ever. I highly recommend Kelly and all the staff at Aqua-man, not only for the knowledge and professionalism, but also for the attention to detail and concern to make everything right and at an affordable price.

Thank you Aqua-man


November 18, 2015

The service person, Kenny, arrived at the prescheduled time after calling to confirm the appointment. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. He answered all my questions, thoroughly checked the water softener system settings, and resolved the problem. I have had no problems since. The office made a follow up call several days later to be sure everything was still working properly and that I was completely satisfied – which I was.

Angie’s List User

September 2, 2015

I let them know what I was willing to pay, and their bid came within the limit. They worked with my builder to coordinate time to install the water lines before the drywall was installed. When it came time to install the unit and do the final install, they were punctual and quick.

Everyone I have dealt with there has been friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Great job!

Angie’s List User

May 27, 2015

As retired homeowners in Texas Hill Country we just installed a reverse-osmosis water conditioning system The intallation was done by AQUAMAN. We made the purchase following a thorough analysis of the system?s design and engineering, confirming all the details provided by Kelley Parks.

Designed specifically for our newly built home it requires the least maintenance with a special resin recharging feature that guarantees years of uninterrupted reliable service. Salt consumption is also greatly reduced compared to other systems. The availability of a filter that delivers drinking water of a pH up to 8.5 is a plus and is a health benefit for the body.

The Aqua Man agent & installer, Mr. Kelly Parks, was informative and professional during the installation. He described how the system was programmed and guaranteed the installation or he would repair it free. His expert assistants used all copper and needle valves for the fittings.

I would highly recommend the purchase of an Aqua Man water softening system from Mr. Parks and his associates.

Angie’s List User

May 4, 2015

Initial service call to repair and assess our Hayward HeatPro pool water heater. Did initial diagnostics and found no issues but coming back on 5/11 to do additional diagnostics after first level troubleshooting. Kelly Parker is sharp, punctual, and really saved the day. Hayward’s list of authorized service centers is terrible, many of their listed authorized service/repair providers won’t even work on the systems outside of the one year warranty period. I’m still cautious and I want and expect a service provider to also listen to my input and not just spend my money. I’m hoping for a win-win. I already contacted two completely separate Hayward technicians out of the area to get their opinion and experiences so I have a back-pocket bit of data and I hope Aquaman weighs that. I am massively impressed though with their punctuality and excellent communication.

Angie’s List User

April 22, 2015

I had a wonderful experience. The sales representative (Brad is awesome!) listened to my needs and made recommendations that would satisfy what I was trying to achieve. I had very little space to work with and he recommended the perfect system. The installers were great too. They improved the drain that I already had in place and put a special fitting on the system. This was not in the original plan and I did not get charged extra. It was important to them that they do the job right and not cut corners. From start to finish, Aquaman exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.

Angie’s List User

March 5, 2015

Aqua-man is a very professional company. From the initial sales presentation by Kelly to the final install the job was handled with competence and expertise. I highly recommend them for all water needs and was most impressed by their product knowledge and honest appraisal of the type system tailored for our home.

Angie’s List User

October 17, 2014

Brad was very informative at Aqua man and the technicians were on time and did a great job inremoving old and installing new. Brad called several days later with a follow-up.

Angie’s List User

August 24, 2014

Great product. Great service. Awesome people to deal with. Kelly (owner) really providesoutstanding customer service. I would recommend Aqua Man to everyone looking for a quality watersoftener.

Angie’s List User

March 3, 2013

I asked the technician to test the water softness and the equipment to see why the water wasn’t as soft as before. He found a clog in the line. He cleared the line and now I have soft water. He also instructed me on how to care for the system since I am now tending to the household equipment due to my husband’s illness.

Angie’s List User

January 18, 2013

The service technician was very professional, friendly and left us with good clean water. I will highlyrecommend AQUA-MAN to my friends and family!

Angie’s List User

December 31, 2012

We got quotes from several companies. Person who came to explain the sytem was very knowledgeable . He explained everything and gave good info without being pushy. Liked the Aquaman system best but it was more expensive so kept comparing with 2 other systems. Also liked the fact that it was manufactured in US. When we expressed concern over extra expense, they offered a system at a discounted price that had been installed in a new home but never used because loan of purchaser fell through. System came with the same warranty and guarantee. This enabled us to purchase their system.

Angie’s List User

September 7, 2012

I purchased my home in 2006 with a reverse ozmosis system already installed. I knew nothing about this system except for the name of the company that installed it. I called them for a general service call. They came out inspected the system and installed new filters. They explained how the system works. The technician also explained where to buy filters and how to replace them. He also looked up when the system was installed to determine if it was still under warranty.

I have used them ever since to maintain my system. Every person that came to my home has been neat, clean and professional. They have never been frustrated by my neverending questions. The arrive on time and go straight to work. They always explain what they are doing but still get the work done quickly and to my complete satisfaction.

When I need to upgrade my current system I will call AquaMan to do the job.

Angie’s List User

May 11, 2012

They do a really good job and I would recommend them. We have extremely hard water well wawter and they are doing their best to resolve the issues. Great customer service and they have responded to all of our concerns.

Angie’s List User

July 5, 2011

I have been using them for a while now. I bought a water softener unit from them about some years ago and they made a service call because of some concerns I had. They reset the unit and they didn’t charge me anything. I will tell my friend and family to buy from them because their products are cheaper and reliable. If there is a need, I would continue to use them again in the future too.


November 3, 2009

When we initially called, personnel on the phone were very professional and told us immediately how to turn our softener off and scheduled an appointment. The tech that came, Robert, was awesome. He told us nothing was wrong with the resin and explained why. He did a very thorough inspection of our unit before and aftwerwards.

He put in a call to replace the boot on the switch and recommended that we change our filter, which was keeping the resin in good shape. He gave us an estimate for the parts, labor, and tax and made a note for the office to give us a call when the part comes in.

Angie’s List User

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