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Discover how Aquaman Water Softeners San Antonio can help you fight the hard water blues.


water softeners in San Antonio, Boerne, and Hill CountryWater softeners in the San Antonio area are a must. San Antonio and surrounding areas, including Boerne & the Hill Country are well known for hard water and the problems that arise from hard water. Ruined water heaters, dishwashers and shower heads are the norm in South Texas. Unfortunately, even if you live in the city you’ll be a victim of hard water problems.

Both city water and well water have different issues, the good news, we’re able to configure water softeners that take the worry out of both city and well water problems. There is no reason to live with hard water in South Texas

With city water you have to deal with chemicals such as chlorine and dissolved materials in the water and you still have major scale build-up in pipes. With well water you may notice a pungent sulfur smell and your once white clothes and bathroom fixtures tend to change colors over time because of iron in the water. Dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water are the major villains in our fight against hard water around San Antonio and Boerne. There is great news, we’re experts at putting together water softener and purification configurations that’ll put your house or business on the right track for achieving soft and clean water bliss. We use Hague Water Softeners, which are some of the best water softeners available to combat hard water problems. We also have under sink Reverse Osmosis water purifiers and whole house purifiers.

There’s no reason you should continue to live with hard water and water purification problems, You can try out a water softener in the San Antonio, Boerne, or Hill Country area for 90 days risk free, just schedule an appointment.

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